Friday, January 30, 2009

The End is Nigh...

So I'm not sure which is better: The fact that somebody had the time, resources and drive to hack into a traffic signal and force it to proclaim the all too frightening warning of zombie infestation in the area or the fact that this happened within 2 miles of my very own house. Granted, this isn't exactly a topic we like to joke about here at Action Direct as we would hate to cry wolf and risk a blind eye being turned when the proverbial shit hits the fan and infected flesh eating corpses overrun the city, but this is just too good not to display. Take a look at the cheesy news story video that took place off of South Lamar and Martin Luther King Blvd.-

*Update: Apparently the outbreak is spreading as word of Zombie infestation has been reported on road work signals in Illinois as well. The end is so goddamn nigh...

Friday, January 2, 2009

In Anticipation of 2009 (UPDATED 1/8/2009)

Happy New Year, my loyal fans and friends! I hope that you all have pretty much recovered from whatever New Year's Eve antics you had planned.

Today I review my most anticipated action flicks of 2009. I'm not convinced 2009 is going to kick as much ass as 2008, as far as action film releases are concerned. It would be hard to top the old one-two that Iron Man and the Dark Knight gave us. But there are a few gems coming our way which I am eagerly awaiting. Chronologically, they are

1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (May 1): All right, the truth is, I think this movie looks crappy and I am preparing myself to be disappointed. But it does show promise, and Hugh Jackman has been the heart and soul of the X-Men franchise for quite some time now. the one thing that makes me absolutely giddy with excitement about this movie is the appearance of a favorite X-Man, Gambit. Check out the trailer and give me your thoughts...


2. Star Trek XI (May 8): I'll admit to being a bit of a Star Trek geek as a youth. It's probably even worse that I was a Next Generation fan, and even into Deep Space Nine. That being said, I've always really like the Star Trek films, and am eager to see what this newbie is all about. The trailer is interesting. I'm pretty sure we're going to end up with a film heavy on CGI with inexperienced actors and a cameo from Leonard Nemoy, the combination of which will result in an average movie that will look spectacular on Blue Ray.

3. Terminator: Salvation (May 22): We've talked about this before on Action Direct. Bale is badass and the Terminator franchise is lucky to have him. I think the trailer looks awesome and I can't wait to see what the robots are capable of.

4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (July 17): If you're a Potter fan, then you'll need no explanation. If you aren't, then you are just annoyed at this point and will likely stop reading. Alas.

5. The Watchmen (Release Date Not Set): Another movie which has gotten lots and lots of coverage on this blog. The latest news is that Fox won the lawsuit against Warner, which could spell bad news for the film. Basically, Fox owned the rights to the movie that Warner made, and is now trying to cash in on it. I believe that it had a summer release date, but this will be pushed back now that the lawsuit is over. I just hope we get to see it in 2009. Have a look at this little Behind the Scenes video for some more pump-up material.

Watchmen Exclusive

So it should be a good summer. 

Transformers II is notably not on the list. I think the first sucked and I'm personally not looking forward to reading all of the movie blogs talk about how the second one is just as good. 

Some wild cards: The A-Team and G.I. Joe. 

Have I missed anything?

UPDATE: Holy smokes! Have you seen the trailer for Nine? Tim Burton's next animated bit, coming to theaters 9/9/2009. Looks excellent.