Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Action in Politics

If you're like me, then you're feeling that all of the political hoopla surrounding the elections is growing tiresome. Obama or McCain? Well, Obama clearly. But if you're on the fence or don't feel like either candidate would represent you, then perhaps you might be interested in this late entry from the conservatively badass (or was it liberally freaking sweet?) party, John McClane. Have a look here for a summary of his stance on the issues and click here to donate.

Unfortunately, Sonny Landham dropped out of the Kentucky senatorial race earlier this year, denying the world a trifecta of Predator action stars in office (Arnie Schwarzeneggar and Jesse Ventura being the other two). Actually, maybe it isn't so bad... read here. Evidently, he's still got his eye on the gubernatorial race in 2010.

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G.H. said...

oh man, Sonny Landham. I wonder what circumstances brought him to Ashland, Kentucky of all places.