Sunday, January 31, 2010

Movies I'm Looking Forward to Seeing: Splice

Sundance is going on right now, and, as one might expect, there is chatter abound about lots of different films on the blogs. One of these is the film Splice, directed by Vincenzo Natali (director of Cube and a number of Earth: Final Conflict episodes, for those interested). I heard about this movie a while back when they released a short clip (below) online, and remember thinking that it looked good. Of course, keeping track of potentially awesome sci-fi movies is only a hobby (sigh), and thus the movie almost instantaneously fell off of my radar.

But now it has aired at Sundance, and the reviews are coming back that it is both awesome and a bit disturbing... Splice hits theaters February 24th, and I can't wait. Check out the clip below and give me your impressions when you get a chance.

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