Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Kickboxer?

I've been spending a lot of time in the Action/Adventure sections of various video stores over the last few weeks, scouring the shelves for obscure action films (if anyone knows where I can get Prayer of the Rollerboys on DVD, I'd be much obliged), and have had to face a startling truth: 

Most video stores keep dangerously few kickass action movies in stock 

Just today I was unable to find Kickoxer at Hollywood Video. Kickboxer! What kind of a video store doesn't carry Kickboxer? I went on to look for Tango and Cash, No Escape, and They Live, only to be thwarted on all accounts. I was relieved to find Bloodsport in its proper place. And I should mention that the Schwarzeneggar collection looked close to complete. 

The lesson I've learned is the following: you cannot rely on others for your action fix. I can only blame myself for not having Kickboxer in my personal library. I will never again make the same mistake.


Keanu Banderas said...

How the fuck would you even have an action section of a video store without Tango and Cash? Palance, Stallone, Russell, the team up of a lifetime! I can only hope that this so called "video store" is the exception, rather than the standard.

Matt said...

Keanu, this type of behavior is why netflix is doing so well!

Lonnie Mollo said...

I think Keanu left out a very clutch aspect of T&C- Teri Hatcher as the hot girl who turns out to be Sly's sister and Russell's love interest. I never get tired of that plot scheme.

trish said...

This isn't relevant to your post, but I thought you guys might like this little blog post I just looked at: