Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maverick, you stink.

Alright, I'm going to completely undermine my credibility here and say that I loved Top Gun. I even named it as one of my top ten all time favorite 80's action movies in a recent email chat with Keanu Banderas and some of our devoted Action Direct readers. That's right, I like it that much.

So you can imagine how pained I was to hear that the script for Top Gun 2 is already completed and crazy Tom is on deck to be the star. According to cinematical, the plot is supposed to go something like this:

"The idea is Maverick is at the Top Gun school as an instructor - and this time it is he who has to deal with a cocky new female pilot."

I'm totally speechless. It's like they didn't even try to make it good. As a matter of fact, its like they tried to make it crap. More likely than not they'll pair Cruise with some no name floozy with negligible talent. You know, someone who won't steal Cruise's thunder or make him wig out on set. 

This is what the good folks over at the Movie Blog posed as an alternate plot:

"In this film Maverick teaches his students how to prepare in the event of a UFO invasion against the forces of XENU!! He is a special operative with a dark past, a dirty secret. Eventually one of the students finds out that Mav is an alien abduction survivor and now spends his time preparing for revenge."

This would be a VAST improvement over that other fecal matter. Cruise from War of the Worlds teaching Top Gun flight school sounds much more entertaining than Cruise trying to be Tom Skerritt in a second Top Gun.

Am I wrong? 


Lonnie Mollo said...

A little off topic, but your picture of JV on the blog page reminded me of this story. Check out another "Predator" star's entrance into the political arena: http://www.sonnylandham.com/governor.cfm

Keanu Banderas said...

Wow.... wow.