Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Watchmen Pics

Empire Online released new images from the upcoming film adaptation to Alan Moore's, The Watchmen.... and I'm concerned. 

Here's the problem I foresee; The Watchmen is a story about aged superheroes donning their spandex costumes again after a long hiatus. Part of the charm of The Watchmen, not unlike Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns or even Pixar's The Incredibles, are the trials and tribulations that middle aged superheroes face when taking to the streets to fight crime again. 

What I'm seeing in these images are young, fit, and thin superheroes. How are they going to convey the fact that Dan Dreiberg (Nite Owl) is a huge nerd with a confidence problem when they have him played by a strapping youth with a chiseled jaw and washboard abdominal muscles? The only person that has any right to be in that kind of shape is Rorschach. In any case, the casting and creative direction concerns me.

I will say that the Comedian looks perfectly done and Doctor Manhatten is stunning. And the trailer is really just f'ing amazing, one of the most exciting that I've seen. So I guess I'll just hold on to the hope that editing and the director's vision will make these characters work better on screen than they do in these new pics.

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Brandon said...

i understand said concerns, but nite owl was physically fit. he was not that aged and he had kept in shape. go back to the love scene, the guy was still ripped.
i think we should hold off on slamming or praising it until we see more. alan moore has wanted nothing to do with this thing for years and my understanding was that the director did not want to make the film until he was on board. so if alan moore is okay (check my sources) on this then i will be okay. also, i think the non-marvel/dc superheroes will through people for a loop. when i explained to someone that only one character had any powers but that all the rest were normal people who felt compelled to protect humantity from itself that someone was a little confused but highly motivated to seek out and read the watchmen. either way, the movie will produce a culture shock, good or bad, due to the underlying political tones that still ring true today in our post 9/11 days of people protecting us from ourselves.