Thursday, October 30, 2008

Am I the baddest mofo lowdown around this town?

If you know the answer, then you'll be interested to hear that Samuel L. Jackson has been cast as Sho'nuff in the upcoming remake of The Last Dragon, an epic tale which follows the path of Bruce Leroy through the streets of New York until his ultimate ascension to the level of... you guessed it... The Last Dragon.

Now, I'm a fan of the original film. And I am excited to see what modern cinematography will do for this legendary piece of americana. But the choice of Samuel Jackson as Sho'nuff raises a few questions as to the credibility of this remake. You'll have to agree that Jackson hasn't exactly been at the pinnacle of his career for quite some time now (that is to say he made seven movies in 2008, none of which I was inclined to see and few of which I even heard about). It seems like he has lost any ability to screen for crappy parts, or, maybe he just doesn't care...? While Christopher Walken is rumored to never turn down a role, be it minor or otherwise, this has only seemed to augment his mystique. Jackson's failure to throw away a crappy script (eg. Snakes on a Trai... er... Plane) has really made me doubt his judgement. I'm a believer in his talent, but come on, are we really supposed to take him seriously?

Anyway, no news on who will be cast as Bruce Leroy as of yet. Keep your eyes peeled for more Last Dragon updates.


Brandon said...

oh man!! this is going to be badass. dont taint SoaP either. that movie was better than that junk with the dad from american pie. maybe omar epps, just not will smith please, as bruce leroy.

Casey said...

I don't know SoaP. But I'll agree that Bruce Leroy needs to be carefully cast. Will Smith would be a mistake. I could see Omar Epps. I'm almost thinking he should be a bit of a no namer though. Bruce Leroy needs to be someone who we doubt at first, but then learn the hard way that he can really kick some ass.