Friday, October 17, 2008

The Zombie situation

There are not many things that make me lose sleep at night, but this picture combines the two real fears I harbor in my day to day life:

1. John McCain/Sarah Palin taking over the White House for the next 4 years.
2. The one devastating problem we as a society/species have no solution for: Zombies.

As we see clearly illustrated in the picture here, no one, not even a high powered politician is exempt from the dangers of turning into a member of the undead. And believe me friends, it only takes one poor, infected being to set off a turn of events that could turn this beautiful, albeit a little crazy world into an apocalyptic nightmare of such proportions it could extinguish life as we know it. In an effort to educate and hopefully prepare our readers for an upcoming event such as this, I would like to brainstorm on the best places to hide out during a class 4 (cross continental) zombie outbreak.  Some items to consider-

1. Safety of course is key. Are there walls? Is it easily defendable by only a few members of your party?
2. Sustenance. Can you plant a garden? Purify water? How do you sustain life in your zombie fortress?
3. Opportunity for growth. If you are stuck in this fortress for decades, it is highly possible that you will take on other survivors and that children will be born and raised within your fortress walls. How will you account for growth of the party?
4. Location. How will the temperature and climate affect your fortress? If the fortress is outgrown or overrun, what will you fall back on to escape? Are you near an ocean for marine travel? Can you survive an arduous trek across a hot desert?

These are a a scant few items to consider when choosing your hideout. And just to illustrate how quick and devastating a zombie outbreak can be, I offer you this dramatization of  a zombie take over (courtesy of Zach Snyder's 2004 remake of "Dawn of the Dead").

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