Thursday, February 12, 2009

Governor Iceman?

Now every post that is published by Casey and myself here at Action Direct comes from the heart. We take Action movies personally. But this bit of business involving one of our favorite hit or miss actors really hits home. According to the American Associated Press, it looks as if we have another action star trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesse 'the Bod' Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Val Kilmer, (AKA Mad Mardigan) is considering running for the governor of our very own home state, New Mexico. What could this mean to the residents of our old stomping ground? Well, it depends on which Val Kilmer steps up to the task of running the state. If we see Iceman Kazansky step up to the podium, we may see New Mexico transform into one of the most formidable of these United States. However, we also run the risk of seeing one super shitty version of Batman try and take flight, which would spell certain disaster (on a scale only seen by the likes of Joel Schumacher). While Val hasn't made any final decisions on the matter, he has been quoted stating, "If I run, I'm going to be the next governor." 

Atta boy Val. 

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James Miller said...

Your state could only be so lucky.

Seriously, you should read Chuck Klosterman's interview with the Iceman himself. It might be the funniest piece of journalism I've ever read.