Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Definitely Are Too Old For This Shit

According to, Shane Black has written a spec script for Lethal Weapon 5, and both Gibson and Glover are interested. Apparently, the plot is something like this:

This time, homicidal Riggs (Mel Gibson) is about to retire, but pulls Murtaugh (Danny Glover) out of retirement to solve one final case, before they both officially head off into the sunset

I, for one, have mixed feelings. The truth is, I liked all of the first four installments. Jet Li definitely helped in the last one. But, I'm sorry, much of the charm that made Lethal Weapon lethal is now gone. Murtaugh is too old and Riggs settled down. This is no longer the story of a cop on the edge and his grounded, but also badass, partner. No, this is now the story of two over the hill cops telling stories about the time they got in a fight with Gary Busey.

I mean, I guess it could be all right. Riggs is still "homicidal", and I guess that helps.

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Keanu Banderas said...

This is a little too reminiscent of that shitty Clint Eastwood movie about over the hill astronauts going into space. You've got to be one mean old man to pull that shit off ("Unforgiven" is a great example of how to make this style of character work).

However, as far as the Lethal Weapon franchise is concerned, the idea of the "I'm too old for this shit" character simply loses it's impact after they've been saying it in every installment over the last 15 years. I hate to say it, but they need to let it go.